This was inspired by the some what lack of true blooded skateboarders today!
feel free to challenge my opinion but it seems as skateboarding gets more and more fashionable and P.C obviously anyone can do it! you don't have to be hard or brave or even interesting to become a successful skateboarder....just good.
sorry but some of the greatest skateboarders in my eyes are the slightly un-hinged guys that fucking rip, go hard and throw down for skating! obviously because of the realism of these certain individuals they're never huge! they come in get exploited and they get forgotten about.....not quite fair, well as it appears to me at least. i miss the days when skaters would fight ppl if they tried it, im sure that started going away when no skate companies would put fight clips from tours or with security guards in their videos anymore (just throwing that one out there).
i always used to here older guys saying shit like 'i remember last time skateboarding was popular' i never used to get it.......then it was my generations turn and it was disgusting!
ENTER Pharell and The Cool Kids and their waves upon waves of fakeboarders....WTF!!
all of a sudden every tom,dick'n'harry is a day-glow skateboarder....the same kind kids that thought they were funny yelling out 'SKATER BOI' back in the day now wanna be down??
i guess it what happened to hip-hop, the 'INDUSTRY' took the parts of the culture they could sell and call it HIP HOP and fuck the rest......Suburban youth stumbles across ''HIP HOP' online ( ro what they think is hip hop and run with it. EXACTLY WHATS HAPPENING WITH SKATEBOARDING. How scary is it for the large number of real skateboarders who just love skating to think that one day the loudest voices in the skate industry are those of a huge group of 'Run-home skaters'

Being a skateboarder goes so much deeper then just skating

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